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A Sustainable Closure Solution For Boring Oatmilk Boring Oat Image

Boring Oat Milk's astounding success, despite its seemingly mundane name, owes much to Cormack Packaging's innovative contributions. Despite its unassuming title, Boring Oat Milk, especially when coupled with Cormack Packaging’s distinctive closures, is anything but ordinary! Oat milk, a cutting-edge product in New Zealand, found its unique identity through this collaboration. Even amidst a challenging backdrop, the brand launched in mid-August 2021, just two days after Auckland's longest lockdown began. Despite these challenges, Boring Oat Milk quickly became a staple in supermarkets and cafes nationwide. Such rapid success led to supply shortages due to sales doubling expectations.


Packaging presented a learning curve for Boring Oat Milk, especially since its consumers are deeply passionate about sustainability. Cormack Packaging closely collaborated with Boring Oat Milk to craft a distinct appearance for the product, capturing the right kind of attention. Initially utilising a natural closure, Boring Oat Milk transitioned with Cormack to a lightweight, custom-coloured closure in 2022, enhancing brand recognition.


Boring Oat Milk employs PET bottles, which are 97% recyclable for New Zealanders. With Cormack's assistance, they introduced a lightweight closure, 25% lighter than any other available cap and fully recyclable, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.


Achieving the perfect colour match for the closures was no small feat. Creative thinking and collaboration with Cormack's Swiss suppliers were essential. Cormack devised a process where the label, when heated and applied to the bottles, undergoes a colour change that aligns seamlessly with the closure. Astonishingly, Cormack achieved the ideal tone and colour in just the second trial, greatly pleasing Boring Oat Milk.


Crucially, Boring Oat Milk opted for recyclable PET plastic bottles instead of Tetra Pak ones. This choice not only reduces waste but also extends the product's shelf life, allowing it to be stored at room temperature before opening.


Sustainability is at the core of this venture. Both the PET bottles (Plastic code 1) and Cormack’s caps (Plastic code 2) are widely accepted in kerbside recycling programs. Cormack Packaging is also actively developing tethered closures for Boring Oat Milk, ensuring a truly circular economy by encouraging the return of manufactured products for reuse.


In summary, Cormack Packaging's innovative solutions have not only given Boring Oat Milk a unique and fresh appearance that aligns with their brand but have also delivered tangible environmental benefits, making this collaboration a resounding success in every aspect.



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