Starward & TricorBraun Create a Premium & Sustainable Closure.

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Starward & TricorBraun Create a Premium & Sustainable Closure. Whisky, Closure, cake

Starward Whisky (New World Whisky) is an award-winning Australian whisky brand that is known for its innovative and bold approach to whisky making. Starward Whisky uses locally sourced ingredients and barrels to create a distinctive flavour that reflects the Australian climate and culture.

When Starward Whisky decided to develop their brand new 700ml and 1 Litre Spirit package, they wanted to find a closure solution that matched their brand values and vision. They wanted a closure that had a premium aesthetic but was also eco-friendly and sustainable.

That’s when they turned to TricorBraun, a global leader in packaging solutions. TricorBraun has over 100 years of experience in providing innovative and customized packaging solutions for various industries, including spirits, food and beverage, personal care, healthcare, and household.

TricorBraun took on the challenge and engaged their trusted partner Supercap, a leading manufacturer of high-quality closures for spirits, wine, and olive oil. TricorBraun presented two options to Starward Whisky, both of which were designed to meet their requirements and expectations.

The first option was a carbon neutral monobloc closure made from a sugar cane polymer. It is debossed with Starward’s brand logo to ensure the closure has aesthetic impact and maintains its carbon neutral production. It has a sleek and elegant design that enhanced the appearance of the bottle.

The second option was a world first, a wood top closure with a co-injected carbon neutral plant-based shank. This closure was made from natural wood and a plant-based polymer that was derived from sugar cane. The closure had a unique and sophisticated look that added a touch of warmth and authenticity to the bottle.

Both options were tested and approved by Starward Whisky, who were impressed by the value that TricorBraun could provide through their exceptional customer service, quality, and supply chain expertise. Starward Whisky chose the wood top closure for their super premium expressions and the Eco monobloc closure for their incredibly tasty and amazing value Two-Fold range therefore creating a harmonious and consistent brand image.



Sam Slaney, Director of Production at New World Whisky, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership and the outcome:

‘When reviewing suppliers for our packaging refresh project TricorBraun stood out from the pack, being able to deliver against our sustainability and business objectives with a premium offering to seal our new bottles. We had some very challenging specifications to work with and TricorBraun were helpful in finding the right solution across their supply network. We look forward to continuing to work with TricorBraun into the future.’

TricorBraun is proud to have collaborated with Starward Whisky to create a closure solution that reflects the brand’s identity and values. TricorBraun is committed to providing packaging solutions that are not only functional and attractive, but also sustainable and responsible.


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